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Robot God Akamatsu vol 1

Published Date: June 16, 2013

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7 x 0.4 x 10 inches


Robot God Akamatsu is a homage to the Super Robot genre of the late 1970′s and early 1980′s, which helped to shape the imagination of an entire generation. When other-dimensional giant monsters (Dai-Kaijus and NecroBeasts), lead by the malevolent Balan Uru attack Massachusetts, Robot God Akamatsu (RGA for short) is awakened from his ancient slumber by modern science and ancient magic. RGA is piloted by the souls of three special humans and entrusted with the fate of defending the Earth! RGA’s Graphic Novel is about the relationship between a father and his estranged son, as well as the abuse of power and how far some are willing to go to see their goals met. It is a little bit Godzilla, a tad bit of Force Five and a mighty rocket punch of the Shogun Warriors.


Created by James Biggie (writer) & Frankie B, Washington (artist) with letters and edits by Josh Van Reyk (Letterer).

The Creative Team

Frankie b. Washington

Is the co- creator and artist of RGA. A graduate from the Boston based Butera School of Art, whose professional career spans twenty some years in Advertising, Film, Animation and Print. His recent work on various licensed trading cards sets (Transformers, Voltron, King Kong) has garnered Frankie new praise in the fandom. But it was his strong love and admiration for the Super Robot & Kaiju genres that led him down the path to create Robot God Akamatsu. RGA is a true labor of love and an homage to all Frankie’s heroes.


This book is dedicated to those who shaped his childhood : Go Nagai, Leiji Matsumoto, Tomoyuki Tanaka, Ishiro Honda, Akira Ifukube, Stan “The Man” Lee, Jack “The King” Kirby, John Byrne, Doug Moench, Herb Trimbe & Hal Trafford, Charlie Banks & My mother Ann R Washington.

James Biggie

James Biggie is the co-creator, writer and cover artist for Robot God Akamatsu. He’s also a graphic designer with over eight years of experience in the ad industry in Boston, MA. His professional comic work includes covers for IDW’s GI JOE and JUDGE DREDD. He lives in Salem, MA with his wife Ann, his son Connor, and his cat Priscilla.


James would like to dedicate this volume to his son Connor and his parents James and Penny. Additionally he’d like to thank Chris Ryall, John Barber, Carlos Guzman, Chris Mowry, Matt Frank, Shaun Knowler, Josh Van Reyk, Shinichi Wakasa, Vanessa Carney, Inal Olmez, and Bob Eggleton for all the love and support.

Josh van Reyk

Josh van Reyk is an Australian born and bred writer / Letterer / Editor who co-created and ran the successful fan comic; “Transformers: Mosaic,” for over five years. Josh’s first venture into
professional comic work was the fan favorite “Transformers Spotlight: Jazz,”which was followed by work on “Transformers: Reign of Starscream” TPB.


Josh would like to thank James and Frankie for allowing him to be a part of this awesome project and a MASSIVE thanks goes out to his amazing wife Tracy, for all her support, love and encouragement. Josh would also like to thank; Shaun Knowler, Andrew Griffith, Chris Mowry, Matt C. Adams, Paul
Vromen, John-Paul Bove and Ed Pirrie for all the support and friendship over the years



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